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ISSN 2519-2493 (Online), ISSN 2519-2485 (Print)
Journal of Surface Physics and Engineering
DOI: 10.26565/2519-2485

  International scientific publication "Journal of Surface Physics and Engineering" is published from January 1, 2016 (Certificate of state registration 21918-11818 of January 18, 2016) and is the successor of the international scientific journal "Physical Surface Engineering", founded in 2002 by the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University and the Scientific Center of Physical Technologies of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Certificate of State Registration No. 6347 of July 11, 2002).
In the updated journal, the emphasis shifts toward physics.
Languages of the publication: English, Ukrainian and Russian.
Periodicity - 1 time per quarter.

  The program objectives of the journal are:

  • achievements and problems of plasma, radiation, laser and complex physical technologies;

  • studies of the formation of thin films and modification of material surfaces;

  • physical properties of emerging structures;

  • problems of economics and training of personnel in the field of high technologies

Declaration on the Ethics of Publication and Abolition of Abuse


The journal "Physical Surface Engineering" provides open access to all publications of the magazine.



     Journal issues

Archive 2003 year, volume 1
Archive 2004 year, volume 2
Archive 2005 year, volume 3
Archive 2006 year, volume 4
Archive 2007 year, volume 5
Archive 2008 year, volume 6
Archive 2009 year, volume 7
Archive 2010 year, volume 8
Archive 2011 year, volume 9
Archive 2012 year, volume 10
Archive 2013 year, volume 11
Archive 2014 year, volume 12
Archive 2015 year, volume 13
Archive 2016 year, volume 1
Archive 2017 year, volume 2
Archive 2018 year, volume 3

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